A high potency, natural and plant based formula originally designed for sensitive skin.

Suitable for all skin types, but *especially for those with real skin issues such as redness, environmental irritation, oily T zones, dry patches, hyperpigmentation & synthetic chemical allergies.

*Snow Fox products are used professionally by licensed cosmetologists in Switzerland. 

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Soothing Facial Cleansing Mousse

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Arctic Breeze Detox Mask

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Day & Night Defense Cream

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Limited Edition: A Traveller's Kit

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Soothing Facial Mousse

Organic peppermint oil extract provides a natural, cooling antiseptic protection

Arctic Breeze Detox Cooling Mask

Deep Hydration, Deep Detox and Intense Repair

Minimalist Daily Regimen

All your skin needs in 3 simple steps. Cleanse, Detox, and Protect.

Personalized just for you

Add natural ingredients to our cleanser to make more than 150 types of face masks for whatever you need


"The foamy facial mousse is my new fave, I just love the minty smell, I usually suffer from spots on my forehead and chin but this stuff has helped so much and I'd recommend everyone checks them out."

Nat @baddassnugget

The face is clean and really smooth after using it and does not dry out the skin. Another positive thing about the foam is that you just need a very small amount for your face.

Lisa, @cestmali

The mask was so perfect, and hands down my favorite... it really gave my face an extra cleanse and even. It also visibly reduced the redness and brought down the size of my blemishes and moisturized my face.

Emmy Kate, @emmykate

Finished my @snowfoxskincare months and months ago but still wanted to tell you about them as I thoroughly enjoyed this range. The facial mousse is highly effective cleanser that removes olliness, dirt, and bacteria all without leaving the skin dry. The bottle is also designed to keep the product fresh without preservatives."

Madeline Cole @madeline_cole