Snow Fox uses only natural, certifiably organic ingredients. We take great pains to be 100% Vegan and Cruelty-free. Our products are formulated to be great for hypersensitive skin but also good for anyone.

Soothing Facial Mousse

Organic peppermint oil extract provides a natural, cooling antiseptic protection

Arctic Breeze Detox Cooling Mask

Deep Hydration, Deep Detox and Intense Repair

Minimalist Daily Regimen

All your skin needs in 3 simple steps. Cleanse, Detox, and Protect.

Personalized just for you

Add natural ingredients to our cleanser to make more than 150 types of face masks for whatever you need


產品有防護功能,我用左$5大小份量,大部分用了在鼻頭,用了兩次已經退紅同無脫皮。產品消炎效果真系唔錯,無添加好放心用。白色乳液質地較潤,可睡前用。上妝前用都可以,好滑好貼,但唔洗再用保濕base, 建議上粉底後再上碎粉即可。

zoe yiu

The face is clean and really smooth after using it and does not dry out the skin. Another positive thing about the foam is that you just need a very small amount for your face.

Lisa, @cestmali

The mask was so perfect, and hands down my favorite... it really gave my face an extra cleanse and even. It also visibly reduced the redness and brought down the size of my blemishes and moisturized my face.

Emmy Kate, @emmykate

覺得是神一樣的產品薄荷氣味濃郁, 一面敷, 一面冰涼, 好舒緩. 補濕力強, 面膜SIZE夠大, 精華又多, 真的好鐘意這個面膜....